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There are great contrasts between summer and winter in Lodalen valley. When the last weekend guests leave us in October, this is suddenly a very quiet place. There are few tourists here during winter, though we do rent out some of the biggest cabins and apartments. We are a good alternative for those in search of peace and quiet and reasonable accommodation.
Usually, here is no snow here until December and, though it sometimes arrives in November, it seldom remains on the ground for long. Winters are otherwise quite mild. There have been some ‘harsh’ winters when the lake has frozen over, but the times when the ice is safe for any period of time are far between and getting fewer. Even though winter is not the high season for tourists, we get some fine days and nights in Lodalen in winter, too, particularly after Christmas, when the sun returns to the valley. Not to mention a star-lit winter night with snow, ice and the light of the full moon that makes the ice crystals on Lovatnet sparkle – and the silence…. The winter certainly has its charm!

alternativt toppbilde vinteren

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Winter can be mild and fair with temperatures above zero, or icy cold with thick ice on Lovatnet lake.