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In March/April we begin to see the first signs of spring as we move toward longer and lighter days. The snow and ice is melting, and you can hear the rumbling from the mountain walls as the snow melts and sends small avalanches downward to the lake. In this narrow valley the sounds from these avalanches is always more dramatic than they really are.

In the end of March and beginning of April you will see the first floweing of our national flower “the Kvitveis” (white anemoes) along the roadside. A welcome sign of spring! In May the fruit trees in Loen and Rake begin to bloom, and nature changes her colors.

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…Lovatnet lake is green because it contains particles of clay and rock dust dug out by the glaciers and carried into the lake by the rivers. The glaciers are constantly crushing the rock, day and night. When the glacier water enters the lakes and fjords, it looks green, particularly when the sun shines.