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fullmåne lodalenSande Camping is open all year round, and offers you four totally different experiences according to the season in which you choose to visit us! Summer is our high season when the place is buzzing with activity from morning to night. Spring and autumn are our low seasons and a good time for those who like to take a holiday when things are more quiet. Prices can also be more favourable in spring and autumn, as we have good capacity and more vacancies. Winter is also a low season and the quietest time of year.  In winters with snow, you can enjoy Stryn’s cross-country skiing pistes, downhill skiing at the alpine ski centre and great skiing in the mountains. We offer cosy, warm cabins and apartments at reasonable prices!

For off-season stays (in winter), it is best to book a cabin/apartment in advance, as only a limited number of cabins are available at this time of year.









Temperatures throughout the year

Temperatures can vary greatly in the space of one year. In 2013 the temperature varied from +31 degrees celsius, measured on July 25th, to – 14.5 measured on the 13th of March. Weather varies also very locally in this area. In some areas the temperature was a good deal lower than -14.5 and in some places the ground was frozen until the beginning of June.