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Cole Rise/FjordNorway

Summit trips


Skåla/Skåla tower 1848 metres above sea-level  – Norway’s longest uphill trail


The trip to Skåla has become one of the most popular hikes in the district. This is a day trip for people in good form, and it is not a problem to take along children as long as they are used to walking in the mountains.  What is special about this hike is that it begins at about 50 metres above sea level, and goes up to 1848 metres above sea level. It is a gradual ascent the entire way.


skåla i vinterdrakt                      skåla kikki

Skåla and Vesleskåla mountains                                         Skåltårnet /Skåla tower 1848 metres above see level

tjugen seter 012

Tjugen seter about 500 metres above see level


On the hike up toward Skåla you will first pass Tjugen seter, which is an old summer pasture farm where the animals from Haugen and Tjugen farms would be taken to spend summer grazing.


utsikt frå skålatårnet,kikki

The next milestone is Skåla Lake, and a rest brake is highly suggested – and maybe a swim for the heartiest of souls.

The last part of the hike consist of man-made steps. At the top there is a round stone tower where there are possibilities for staying overnight. The tower is open and there are also provisions available for purchase. The view from the top is fantastic, and both sunrise and sunsets are worth the trip, for those who spend the night.

The new cabin “Skålabu” on the top of mountain Skåla.

La Sportiva Skaala 1848 m Uphill

“Skåla Opp” is an uphill race that goes every year in the middle of August – and has become very popular for both professional and rcreational athletes.  For more info : Skåla opp

skåla opp




Lodalskåpa  2083 m  – The Queen of Jostedals glacier

Lodalskåpa                                varde på kåpa

Join in on the hike to Lodalskåpa in the summer, guided tours by Briksdal Adventure ,  Uteguiden and Norway AdvenTures

The hike to Lodalskåpa takes about 12 hours, including rest breaks. You need to be in good physical form to take part in this hike. And you must have good hiking clothing and footwear for a long hike, as well as enough food and drink for an entire day. The weather can change quickly and can be quite cold up on the glacier, so one needs to be equipped with windproof jacket, trousers, gloves and warm hat, as well as good hiking boots.

The hike covers vaying terrain from flat to steep areas.

We drive you up to the parking area at Bødalseter, and then hike in nice flat terrain on a well marked trail in toward the glacier. We will walk trough lush moraine landscape with many glacial rock formations that were created when the Bødal glacier has receded upward over time.

Soon we will walk alongside a beautiful river and will climb constantly higher until we come up to the plateau of Fessene. From here there is a magnificent viewpoint over the glacer and the valley below.   Up at 1650 metres above sea-level we have to rope-up together and walk over the glacier plateau towards Veslekåpa and Lodalskåpa.



ski på kåpa








There are guided tours to Lodalskåpa during the summer :

For more information and to book a trip, you can contact glacierguide Uteguiden

Briksdal Adventure’



( all photos from Lodalskåpa presentation belong to Åse Evebø)