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Trips in the valley



Bødal and Kjenndal valleys – ‘a magical natural experience’

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When starting from Sande Camping, your first stop is Breng summer pasture farm, which is located next to the county road, approximately 2 km from the campsite. There, the foaming Brengselva river cascades over bare outcrops of rock, and the cluster of small summer farm houses is idyllically situated among foxgloves and green pastures. This is a ‘world famous’ photo motif, often used in advertising!

skilt inner nordfjord   bregnselva big   DSC04467   reevebjølle

The trip continues up the valley and, after another 9 km, we reach our next stop by the commemorative plaque in Bødal. It contains information about the two rockslides in 1905 and 1936 in which the Bødal and Nesdal communities were almost completely wiped out. On the opposite side of the lake you see Ramnefjellet mountain, the source of these rockslides. Information boards provide good documentation of these tragic events in both text and photos. It is possible to take a historical walk from the information point down to where the farms were situated in Bødal. A small information booklet describing this walk is for sale in reception.

Ramnefjellet og Utigardsfossen

The information point also provides a good view of the 1968 feet high Utigardsfossen waterfall, ranked among the finest in the world. With the river in spate, the waterfall is a magnificent sight.

info v minnetavle

haust i bødal   frå gjershaugen     DSC_0262

From here, the Kjenndalen valley passes between high peaks through a wild landscape until you reach the Kjenndalsbreen glacier, which is an arm of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, at the head of the valley. A 15-minute hike along a good path brings you to the glacier. Toll road NOK 40.

M/B Kjenndal 2 – See Lodalen valley from the lake


The boat trip starts just five minutes from the campsite. The trip goes to Kjenndalssanden at the end of the lake. The boat has no regular departures and mostly carries groups/ cruise ship passengers by arrangement. But there is sometimes room for individuals to join the trip. Ask in reception for updated departure times.

mskjenndal    ramnefjellet  mskjenndal   fjella


Bødalseter – the gateway to Jostedalsbreen National Park

Bødalseter selrekke

The Bødalseter summer pasture farm is situated about 600 metres above sea level. A road leads almost to the farm. From the car park, you reach the farm by walking for about 10 or 15 minutes through flat and pleasant terrain. Bødalseter is known for its unusual layout, with the farm buildings standing in a row rather than in a cluster. On reaching the farm, you have entered the Jostedalsbreen National Park. From there, a 40-minute hike along a path will take you to the Bødalsebreen glacier. The area offers a unique moraine landscape with several glacier arms and impressive waterfalls. This is the starting point for the hike to the Lodalskåpa summit.

Toll road NOK 40. 

foss   tur sol og julie  Bødalsbreen   tur til bødalsbreen 24.sept.-08 011


Cycling in Lodalen valley – along forest roads and paths or along the main road

Sykkeltur i Lodalen

Cycling is gaining popularity, and the area has many long and short routes, both for ordinary road cycling and mountain biking. Many of the valley’s forest roads are good for cycling. Choosing a bicycle as your means of transport allows you to discover the small details that pass unnoticed when you go by car. Throughout Stryn and Nordfjord, you will find many good cycle routes. For more information, see:  Suggested cycling routes