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Glacier walks

Short facts about the Glacier guiding on the Tystig glacier

  • Season: July – August
  • Departures at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Minimum age: 12 years old
  • Duration of the trip: approximately 5-6 hous
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Meeting point: By the parking place of the Stryn summerski resort at 10:00
  • Maximum 12 guest pr guide
  • Bookings must be made in advance to Briksdal Adventure  Tlf. +47 57876813 – +47 91844474  eller epost til        ruben@briksdalsbre.no

Meeting point by the parking place of the stryn summerski resort at 10:00 You should be there at least 15 minutes early.
We get ready for the trip, before we depart the parking place around 10:15 and take a seat in the chairlift.
The lift takes us up through dramatic scenery, and for each minute the view gets increasingly breathtaking.

vandring tystigenbrevandring tystigen







The walk up to the glacier front takes us about 45 miutes in average, and it includes about 250 altitude meters on a slightly challenging path, so you should be used to walking to join this tripJ

As we reach the glacier we gear up, using our helmets, crampons, harness, ice axe and ropes.
The walking on the glacier about 2-3 hours. We’ll be exploring the ice in a safe manner. The condition on the ice may be blue ice, or ice with snow on the surface (this depends on the amount of snow we get in the winter)

The guide shares his local knowledge with you, as well as basic geology/ glaciology. The peak of the trip is the lunchtime, that we have ON the glacier.

Few people can say that they’ve had lunch on a glacier, surrounded by breathtaking views. In every direction there’s something spectacular to see, such as the mt Lodalskaapa (2083 masl), Lake oppstryn al the way down at 28 masl and the plateau of the Jostedalsglacier (the largest glacier on mainland Europa)  and glacier 1650 meters above sea level.. would you like to be one of them? Join our trip!

The walk back down towards the chair lift should take us about 45 minutes, and we should return to the parking place around 16:00.

I recommend that you bring:
– Packed lunch (we usually have 30-minute lunch to eat on the glacier)

– snacks (chocolate, nuts, etc is always a good thing to have in the pockets)
– Drink
-Suitable clothing according to the weather. Water and windproof is always good to have in NorwayJ
-Mountain boots (we also have shoes for renting (free of charge)
-Gloves (We have gloves for guests that forgot their own gloves (free of charge)

You must book in advance in order to ensure that guests have a place in the rope team. We focus on a stress free day, where we truly enjoy the magnificent Norwegian scenery.

tystigen brevandring









Experience the glacial landscape and the glacier!

Even if you have no desire to climb a glacier, you should take a short walk to admire one of Norway’s most handsome glacier arms. It is difficult to judge which glacier is the most beautiful, as they are all so different and situated in different landscapes with different histories. So you may want to take the time to visit more than one glacier. Kjenndalsbreen is the most accessible glacier.

Please observe the stop signs at the end of the path – it is not safe to go closer to the glacier.


Kjenndalsbreen            kjenndalstova

Kjenndal glacier about 15-20 minutes to walk. More info about Kjenndal: Kjenndal info

Bødalsbreen           elv ved bødalseter

Bødal glacier, about 40 minutt to walk . Read more about the trip to Bødalglacier: Bødal info

briksdalsbreen nærbilde           Trollbilar-i-Briksdalen-0091-500

Briksdal glacier, about  40 minutes to walk. For  more information read here: Briksdal Info

Ask for more information in the rezeption at Sande Camping.